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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Rack-N-Rail installation will require 46 square feet of ceiling space, plus the length of the longest tote. This allows room for loading and unloading totes into the rails. For example: One customer installed 3-1/2 sets of Rack-N-Rail Overhead Tote Bins Storage System on the front side of his garage and another 3-1/2 set of Rack-N-Rail Overhead Tote Bins Storage Systems again on the back side with plenty of room in the middle to load any size tote and bins you can find.

At this time, we only accept orders from USA and Canada. Rack-N-Rail Overhead Tote Bins Storage System is built and patented to work based on U.S.A.'s building codes and standards for residential homes. Canada has similar building codes, standards and requirements for residential properties. Therefore, for safety reasons, we can only sell Rack-N-Rail Overhead Tote Storage System to residential owners within the boundaries of U.S.A. and Canada, respectively.

Only use totes and bins that have straight sides and a snap-on folding or locking lid. Your totes need to have an unobstructed lip that extends at least 3/8" from the sides. See Rack-N-Rail Overhead Tote Bins Storage System Installation Guide regarding approved totes and bins.